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Grief Groups

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Grief is often a lonely experience. Even if we are surrounded by others that miss the person who passed away- every person enters into their stages of grief at different points and this can make it difficult to connect and be open about our experiences. It is my experience that groups help create space for a common bond- even though you’re grieving different people, and will still be at different stages in your grief, you get to show up and be honest about where you are- exactly as you are. All of my grief groups are a space for individuals to connect with others that have lost a loved one to death- parent, sibling, friend, partner, etc. I also often lead loss-specific groups such as Parent Loss Groups or Partner Loss Groups. All groups are $60-80 per session (depending on time of day) and run for 10 weeks. Superbills will be provided if you plan so submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

The next open group is a general Grief Group starting June 10. It will be held Mondays from 3-4pm and is $60 per group.

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